LEGO® Family Fun Run

Sustainable Business Coaching was proud to support the first ever LEGO® Family Fun Run, a fundraising event that is intended to promote fun and fitness for children in the local community while raising money for the local Griffin’s Friends charity organization. All proceeds from the LEGO® Family Fun Run were donated to the Griffin’s Friends […]

Leadership on the Chopping Block?

Lynn Taylor writing for Bloomberg Businessweek reports that almost 60% of businesses in the United States cut leadership training in response to the recession around the first quarter of 2009, but the deficiency is now costing them.  The more progressive companies have maintained or revitalized leadership training programs.  Taylor points out that, A protracted lack of training is much like a neglected garden; ultimately, […]

Leadership and the Bottom Line

A recent white paper from the Ken Blanchard Companies illustrates a lack of leadership investment is costing companies an average of 7% of annual sales.  Blanchard reports that the leadership impact on the bottom line is primarily a result of leadership impacting these three areas; Employee Productivity, most organizations are operating with a 5% to 10% productivity drag that better leadership practices could eliminate. […]