Executive Leadership Coaching

It’s time to stand out with outstanding leadership development.

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Program Overview

Every Executive Coaching Program is custom-crafted for the leader who strives to achieve and maintain true excellence.  At the outset, SBC’s proprietary tools quickly identify and define critical leadership attributes and objectives.  Our extensive fast-paced personal inventory includes:

The Senior Executive Coaching Program is based on the content and delivery processes honed through years of serving clients nationwide.  With our wealth of expertise guiding you and our quality tools at your fingertips, you’ll find your results are immediate, of high impact, and sustainable.

Program Outcomes

We employ an array of continually proven methods and practices to accomplish the defined goals.  As the program progresses, SBC determines the combination of skill development techniques which will accomplish the program objectives most quickly and effectively for each individual.  The process includes:

1. Defining leadership performance and competency goals.

2. Producing a 360⁰ profile to provide objective data on how the participant is viewed by others, including the CEO and peers, and direct reports across a range of 35 competencies.

3. Self-assessment testing, as needed, to determine which areas come the most and least naturally to the participant. 

4. Providing focused feedback and mastering specific best practices.

5. Using best practice drills during the program sessions and on the job, with guidance on alternatives and skill implementation approaches to achieve the targeted goals.

6. Learning practical techniques for managing perceptions by changing old views and beliefs that people have of the participant into new, better serving ones.

7. Reinforcing techniques for converting more effective leadership practices into comfortable habits, supported by a solid belief system and feedback techniques.

8. Continuous evaluation of progress toward achievement of the program objectives.

9. Periodic consultation with the CEO to review program progress and expected results.

10. The option to conclude with a 360⁰ evaluation with self-conducted skill expansion and reinforcement design.

Program Structure

The program progresses through the 360⁰ Leadership Assessment and ten coaching sessions.  Sessions are typically ninety minutes, held every other week.  The sessions progress through three phases:

Phase I. Building a Foundation

Pre-work Questionnaire, 360° Leadership Assessment, personal interviews, and coaching sessions on the nature and impact of genuine leadership.  

Coaching focuses for sessions 1-3:

The first stage of change is awareness.  The program participant will have blind spots and unrealized potential.  Effective change comes after we recognize the behavior gaps between what is intended or expected and what is achieved.

It is imperative in business to know how one’s actions affect others.  Is the end result effective?  Is it constructive?  It is not about right or wrong but about how a leader’s actions impact others.  Feedback techniques are developed to provide the participant with a clear understanding of where they are achieving the desired effect and where they need to change.

Most actions are based on beliefs about how the world works.  This program enables the participant to recognize and challenge ineffective beliefs and jump-start alternate ideas into new, successful beliefs.

Phase II. In-game Coaching

Coaching shifts to real-time events and current concerns.  We develop leadership ability on the foundation of genuine leadership understanding.

Coaching focuses for sessions 4-7:

The program accelerates with motivation and understanding and with the development of more effective behaviors as the participant learns and receives the benefits of new skills.  The program guides the participant in best practices designed to achieve their leadership goals.

The use of drills and best practices during program sessions and on the job is creative and rigorous.  Each session produces skills and techniques for the participant to use in everyday business situations to achieve leadership goals.  Providing feedback to validate expected results is a key component of the sessions.

The program teaches specific techniques on how to aid others in replacing current perceptions about the participant with new ones, which recognize and value the participant’s newly achieved competencies.

Phase III. Sustainable Success

We begin adding to personal leadership development through practice with sustainability and coaching others.

Coaching focuses for sessions 8-10:

The program shows the participant how to continually strengthen and develop new behaviors and skills into strong everyday work habits.

We coach the participant to pass on the skills they’ve learned using the program materials.  Teaching others forms strong habits and deepens the participant’s personal understanding of the skills, as well as spreads the effective behaviors throughout the workplace.