We believe that business can and should be enjoyable, profitable, and serve as a valuable contribution to society. We have designed our services based on these specific principles—in order to cover a full range of needs for both individuals and teams, from entrepreneurs to global organizations.

The SBC 360° Leadership Assessment
Nothing from SBC is one-size-fits-all because we know true development involves understanding the unique nature of each individual.  We use the 360° as our diagnostic tool in all of our programs and workshops and even tailor it to the individuals attending.

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Executive Leadership Coaching
Coaching involves far more than teaching.  This program delivers individualized leadership development for serious leaders and has continually proven to enhance leadership practice.

Team Advantage Workshop
Our team development program emphasizes that teams are more than the sum of their parts by encouraging motivated and congruent teams. 

The Three R’s Workshop
Designed for our coaching alumni, this workshop ensures permanent changes and sustainable gains.

Entrepreneur Advantage Workshop
For entrepreneurs and small business owners, this workshop applies our proven methods to produce unrivaled success.

Women’s Success Workshop
Concentrating on the unique challenges women face in business, this workshop takes professionals to a higher level despite an uneven playing field.

Event Speaking
Leadership for everyone.  We speak on a wide range of topics applicable to all audiences about personal development and professional success.