Barb Troy is available for public speaking events, please contact us for more information.

With over 30 years of business and leadership experience Barb has consulted national and international companies of all sizes, from fortune 100 to small entrepreneurs. She is currently speaking on The Essential Nature of Good Leadership, and will discuss; why leadership is the most essential element of success, what are the competencies that distinguish good leaders from bad leaders, and how to develop great leadership ability.


George Hathaway is available for public speaking events, business meetings, and conferences.  Please contact us for more information and scheduling.
George has delivered keynote speeches and talks to organizations such as IBM, Fidelity Investments, Ford of Europe, Maersk, the Cutter Consortium, and educational institutions such as Suffolk University and Babson College.  His entertaining style is used to deliver motivational talks on “The Impact of Leadership,” ”The Five Keys to Business Success,” and “How Leaders Can Make or Break A Strategic Systems Project.”   He is also called upon to conduct effective leadership workshops and seminars with small groups and teams.