Team Advantage

Our transformational workshops produce motivated, excited, and congruent teams in record time.

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Program Overview

This program is a proven path to raising the effectiveness and leadership level of teams quickly and permanently by applying incredible leadership development with current circumstances to produce actionable, strategic plans.  

Through the Team Advantage program, the team becomes more than the sum of its parts by leveraging diversity, channeling controversy, and interlocking accountability.

Team members will emerge from the two-day workshop of intense experiential training using the highest impact leadership concepts, processes, and techniques.  The Team Advantage will enable powerful skills that become part of their daily repertoire of best practices.  The combined impact of these skills runs the gamut from maximizing the effectiveness of the participant’s belief system and attitudes, widening their range of interactive capabilities, to streamlining their focus and execution.  When abilities from this leadership model are executed by a group with the competency that the Team Advantage program develops, the results are profound.

Each Team Advantage program is tailored to the participants through preliminary interviews and assessments identifying key areas of focus to maximize results. Your tailored Team Advantage program draws upon three proven sources of learning excellence:

  • Our powerful proprietary Model of Superior Leadership
  • Our Master Library of best practices, leadership skills, and team processes
  • The wealth of expertise and materials developed from delivering our programs widely throughout the country.

Program Outcomes

The Team Advantage program is designed with a powerful work product orientation in eight ways.

1.  Key Teaming and Leadership skills are introduced and practiced to become part of the daily operational environment for the team as a whole.  Particular emphasis is placed on transformation skills.

2.  Throughout the two-day program, we present and use advanced methodologies for teaming productivity.  The result is twofold:

      •  Methods used in the program achieve extraordinary progress on real issues of major importance

      •  Team members learn to work together in a way substantially beyond their previous norm.

3.  In a constructive and safe environment, each team member learns their strengths and areas for improvement as seen by the team at large.

4.  The team determines the particular elements of each player’s roles and responsibilities that contribute the greatest value to team success.

5.  Individually and collectively, the team members identify 4-6 of the most crucial and challenging strategic and/or operational opportunities or problems they face.

6.  Collaborative short- and long-term action plans are formulated for each of the major items identified.

7.  A final report is prepared by SBC, which notes the discovered roles, tasks, and priorities. This includes a team agreement for peak performance with clear expectations and commitments by each member to each of the other team members and team leader.

8.  Every member finishes the program with a binder of materials suitable for reference and ready to teach the skills and best practices to their own teams in the future.

Program Structure

The Team Advantage program consists of four phases:

Phase I.    Pre-work Questionnaire and Personal Interviews*

  • Surfaces key issues and concerns
  • Assesses strengths and opportunities of each team member
  • Prepares participants for the workshop

* Please note responses are confidential and are never attributed to any particular individual.  In the team member assessments, for example, each member sees how their self-assessment compares with the composite view of the entire team.

Phase II.   Two-Day Off-Site Workshop

Sample Agenda:


Morning When Great Minds Meet

Commitment #1

Preview of the Program Process

Perspective on This Meeting

Superior Leadership Model

Be Heard

Now Hear This!

The Envelope Please

Review of Survey Issues and Concerns

Power Tools for Effective Teams Pt. I

Afternoon Strategic Power Tools for Effective Teams

Power Tools for Effective Teams Pt. II

Issues and Blockages

Divide and Conquer

Roles and Responsibilities


Morning Getting to Peak Performance

Back to Commitment #1

Building the Team Agreement

Setting Expectations

Negotiation, Ownership, and Commitment

Interlocking Accountability

Afternoon Putting Peak Performance Into Action

Getting Buy-In and Commitment

Horizons, Importance, and Control

Ultimate Action Planning Series

The Road Ahead

Transition vs. Change

Pitfalls to Anticipate

Listening for Echoes

Wrap-Up and Critique

Phase III.   Preparation of Team Results Package by SBC

  • Written action plans for 4-6 major issues
  • The Team Agreement: A contract for peak performance
  • Roles & Responsibilities: Highest and best use of time

Phase IV.   Quarter-out Three R’s Workshop

Reinforce, Review, and Revise.

SBC schedules this follow-up workshop approximately three to four months after the two-day session.  The postdated session is essential to cement new understandings and skills into sustainable and permanent habits, and it assures pro-active attention to specific commitments both individually and collectively made in the two-day session.  In the Three R’s Workshop progress is assessed along with any needed follow-up or corrective actions.  In addition the workshop provides:

  • Opportunity to reinforce concepts and techniques
  • Interactive discussion of status and progress as a team
  • Forum to address new issues
  • Initiate new members to the team
  • Continuous quality review 
  • Sustain the team’s performance progress

Additional Program Options

Regularly Occurring Three R’s Workshops

The initial two-day session and single follow-up session launch a surge in team performance.  To respond to the requests from many of our clients, we offer periodic or regular Three R’s sessions to continue rising higher on the effectiveness curve.

If you’re interested in regular occurring sessions please share your curiosity.  We would be delighted to discuss with you the compounding leadership and bottom line impacts of a regular team coaching program.