Women’s Success Workshop

Do more than level the playing field.

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Program Overview

The Women’s Success Workshop is designed for women who are, or would like to be, progressing into increasingly influential positions of responsibility and leadership.  We understand that women face unique challenges in business leadership, which inspired SPC to design a workshop for women specifically.  In this workshop we:

  • Dramatically raise your level of professional performance by developing breakthrough leadership skills and strategic action plans through a dynamic learning experience.
  • Identify, honor, and live according to your principals of integrity as a woman while succeeding in today’s high energy, fast-paced, and ever-changing business environment.
  • Achieve a significantly greater integration and balance between work and personal life.
  • Define and achieve your personal objectives, with particular attention to the lifestyle, domestic, and personal growth issues faced by women leaders.

This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn accelerated methods for tackling increased responsibility, clarifying who you are and what you want in your life at home and work, and meeting the challenges you face every day.  In addition to being a jump start to women’s success, the workshop provides a great networking opportunity to meet other professional women and share resources.

Program Outcomes

During the Women’s Leadership Advantage program, we come face-to-face with critical issues facing professional women.  Utilizing the expertise of our Executive Coaches, Model of Superior Leadership, Master Leadership Library, and the energy of a vibrant group of women professionals, we not only meet theses challenges, we rise above them.

Our highly skilled coaches and trainers have a proven track record working with many of the nation’s most successful executives, enabling them to attain even greater levels of success while producing consistent results. They work in real-time and often with the most difficult business issues facing today’s executives to deliver a high impact program designed to dramatically raise and sustain leadership capability.

As part of the program you will learn powerful techniques, skills and strategies to…

  • Manage others’ perceptions
  • Broaden limited belief systems
  • Integrate differing male/female values and styles
  • Lead with authenticity
  • Develop an actionable 5-year success strategy
  • Overcome biases and discomforts, handle conflicts, tough situations and difficult people

 “Dynamic, exciting, inspirational!  This program has given me the tools and power to make a difference in my life and those around me!”

– Cathy Leibow, CEO, Family Care

“A whole new set of skills for my business life and personal life.  A valuable lesson to share with my associates and family.  Take the class!!”

– Vicki DeYoung, Grubb & Ellis