"For any company looking to increase employee satisfaction, better their management techniques, and improve all areas of leadership, I would highly recommend the efforts of Ian and SBC."

Charlotte Holberry
Owner, Eventive Expert Planning

"I think Barb's presentation was the best I ever saw: her voice, body language, wording... She is the Master!!!!"

Olga Yurash

“I have attended 25 years of leadership training courses. This is the first that was specifically tailored to my needs. I can really see and feel the improvement.”

Carol Sorrick
President, Intellicom

“Easily the most significant and impactful professional development program I’ve ever experienced or even heard about!”

Raoul Encinas
Director, Charles Schwab

“Lots of experience, knowledge and humanity to the work. Tools and techniques are exceptional.”

Mike Borel
President, Valent U.S.A

"Excellent opportunity to work with talented course leaders, and provide a safe, and well guided learning environment for leadership development."

Holly Noack
Charles Schwab

"More than a promise... Barb delivers."

Ross Mulholland

"Good direct content related to the current project."

Steve McCormick

"You have a quality program by quality people."

Tom Bryant

"Could not have imagined a better way to jump start into a project. I am REALLY pumped. LET’S GO!"

Bruce Kieser

"Highly motivational and relevant."

Bill White

"Barb did a very good job of presenting and facilitating the program and keeping the program in focus and on subject."

Denny Sumner

"From skepticism to endorsement is testimony enough, thanks."

Rick Muntz